School Programs at Skyloft Ski Resort

This is affordable education with tremendous benefits for kids!

  1. Encouraging children to stay active and lead to healthy lives!
  2. With more activity comes less stress!
  3. It builds self-esteem and confidence through determination, attainable enhancement and realization of success!
  4. Skiing and/or Snowboarding gives them a respectful amount of freedom and independence.
  5. Provides them with skills that they use for many years like necessary motor skills, balance and decision-making.
  6. Enables them to interact socially outside of school with their friends in an exciting new and fun environment.
  7. Challenges them to “listen, observe, and attempt”.
  8. Gives them a better appreciation for winter sports and overall adjustment to Canada’s chilly winter climate!
  9. Gives them the opportunity to learn from positive role models who teach them motivation, respect, leadership qualities and effective communication (just like all other teachers!).
  10. It gives the children something to look forward to and provides them with many great memories!
We strongly believe these ski trips play a tremendous role in their overall learning experience and provide them with many cherished memories! Most of our instructors started skiing and snowboarding on their school trips!

Important Information


  • Student lift tickets will be sent out to your school one week prior to your visit. All students must have lift tickets attached prior to their arrival
  • If your school visits multiple times, you will only have one ticket for all outings (unless of course students lose them)


  • Students must remain on the bus until all important organization and safety procedures have been explained by the Skyloft Resort Snow School staff


  • Students renting will then proceed to our lower rental area for boots. Once boots are fitted and all necessary winter clothing is on they then proceed to the appropriate ski or snowboard rental area

Boots, Bags, Personal Stuff

  • If renting, students' boots remain in the lower rental area
  • All other personal stuff will be placed in appropriate areas. Please remind students that Skyloft is not responsible for any items that they bring to the resort. All valuables should be left at home that day or kept on their person at all times when at Skyloft. The resort is NOT responsible for any missing personal effects.


  • All students are assigned a group and assessed in the learning area
  • Each student will be allocated a colour coded bib that identifies their skill level for the day
  • They will be allocated to classes based upon their ability
  • All beginners and those who have never skied or snowboarded before begin their lessons immediately upon touching the snow
  • Most Intermediate to Advanced students will be learning on runs accessed by the chairlift


Please advise all students to wear clothes that keep them warm! This is normal winter outdoor clothing - appropriate for the weather and temperature.

Using a layering concept:

  1. Thin socks - but bring an extra pair as their feet may tend to sweat
  2. Thermal long underwear - Top and Bottoms
  3. Middle layer for insulating, like sweaters, sweatshirts, vest, pullovers. We want to keep the heat in and cold out!
  4. Outer layer - shell Jacket and pants. These should repel water from snow or rain and block the wind, while allowing perspiration to evaporate.
  5. Hat, gloves and/or mitts – remember not cotton but good outdoor mitts . Remember a lot of body warmth escapes from your head!
  6. Eyewear - students should bring sunglasses for those sunny days and goggles for those colder, snowy, or windy days!
  7. Always remember to pack extra clothing, socks, sweatshirt, mitts.

Other Notes

  • All equipment lists with Name, Height, Weight, & Shoe Size must be provided at least 1 week prior to visit
  • Payment is due on first day of visit
  • All school outings MUST have a lesson for each outing
  • Teachers will be assigned hill responsibilities
  • Supervisor ratio is 1 to 10. We feel the more teachers and parents that participate the better! Plus for all supervisors,
    tickets and rentals are FREE!
  • All students will be initially assessed and all beginner levels will be provided bibs for easy detection on the hill
  • All students must leave with the school bus or have a parent or guardian remain with them.

For school rate pricing, please contact